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Each piece is unique and will be designed by the artist using the information you have provided. So when filling out the booking form be sure to include as much information about the design as possible, including measurement, placement, idea and pop some links to reference pictures in the box provided.

As long as you have given enough information the artist will be able to design your piece easily. If any more information is required we will contact you.

If the design is tricky we may ask you to contact the artist directly via email.

Please be aware that the artist will not have designs ready to show you in advance of the

appointment (there may be some exceptions). The reason designs are drawn up closer to the time is to ensure it is the best and most current work by the artist.


Designs will not be sent via email or posted on social media ahead of the appointment as it leaves them vulnerable to plagiarism. 

You will be shown the designs on the day of your appointment, but never fear, any small changes (size, placement) can be made on the day. Any significant changes should be communicated to us or the artist at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment.

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